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You can also lock a Zoom meeting once it begins, so no one else can Scenario 3: Your colleagues see or hear something they shouldn’t. Under the heading “Allow participants to:” click on “Share Screen,” and ensure there is no check mark next to Share Screen. zoom security settings. Disable. When the option is available, click Gallery View in the upper right to enter gallery view. Hide non-video participants. Right-click any.

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Is there a way for me as a participant to see a record of the meetings I have joined? I know how to look at records of the meetings I hosted and seeing all the people who joined my meeting. Can the inverse be done? Can I find a history that can prove that I joined a meeting? Unfortunately, Zoom does not provide this information. Only meetings you host have reporting info, not all meetings you’ve joined.

Like all software, changes occur. Before, it was available for all hosts to see their own hosted meeting. One way 1 Sign-in on the website zoom. Thank you for the information, Bort! I do think Zoom needs to include information on meetings attended even if you’re not the host. Would you happen to have information on how I can submit that request? Zoom Community. You can verify who attended and have contact details should you want to contact them after the meeting.

To set this up, you must first enable it in Zoom. Sign in to your Zoom account. Or use the checkboxes to select multiple reports. The poll report shows a basic breakdown of the results for each question. You can see who voted for each option by downloading a full report. To see the poll results for your meeting, follow the steps below:.

Sign in to your Zoom account from a web browser. Utilize the ” From ” and ” To ” date boxes to set which sessions you want to take attendance on, then click ” Search. Click on the ” Participants ” number for a session to view a more detailed table of information on that specific session. A pop-up box will open displaying your ” Meeting Participants ” information. Use the check boxes to alter the CSV export you can download.

Export with meeting data – Include the meeting data session title, meeting ID, duration, etc. Show unique users – Remove duplicate attendee names from the report.

You may notice the same attendee’s name in the meeting multiple times. This happens when an attendee leaves the meting and re-joins it. You won’t be able to tell if they left the meeting because of technical difficulties.


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Both the current and the But for some of you, having a random person show up in your meeting is a посмотреть еще concern. You might have some privacy concerns about Zoom, or you might just not want to get yourself into a super awkward situation. It is still possible for a meeting to start with you the host even with Join Before Host disabled.